From Malaysia with Love


First opened in 2007, Teh Tarik Place is inspired by the passion for authentic Malaysian street food that is served within a casual dining environment. Now, with more than 20 outlets in Malaysia, we are known to use high quality ingredients and perfected authentic recipes to bring out the best in each dish.

At Teh Tarik Place, foodies can enjoy Malaysia’s renowned street food like our namesake Teh Tarik, crispy hand-tossed Roti Canai, aromatic Nasi Lemak and wok-style Mee Goreng Mamak; exactly as what you would find in the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

We take significant pride in designing a unique interior and décor for Teh Tarik Place. Cleverly weaved the overall design, with an interior that offers maximum comfort in the coziest environment, an open-kitchen concept to ignite one’s appetite and a place where laughter rings out easily and boisterously.

Started off with the Classic outlets, we have opened our first Signature outlet in 2018. And with joy & excitement, we will soon be introducing the new TTP Kiosk that will be the next rising star in the industry.

Come and experience yourself and BOSS SATU LAGI! will be your next favourite phrase.